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Specialising in creating stunning and unique floral arrangements for weddings and events.
If you are wanting bridal bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, hair florals or table centre pieces, archway florals, hoop arrangements or other personalized pieces, talk to Steph today!

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Thinking back as a young child two powerful memories come to mind inspired from my grandparents.

The first is of my grandmother’s cottage garden which had the most breathtaking flowers.. a space I loved to be in with so much happiness. I remember finding steel pipes from granddad’s shed and use them as vases for my creations or putting flowers in their dinner so that it looked just perfect.

The second was as a young 9 year old at the funeral of my other loving grandma. I remember looking at her casket and just being so disappointed by the sad, underwhelming flowers that sat above her. A memory I will never shake. It made me angry.. it set my soul alight. I never wanted someone to be farewelled like that — ever again.

I wanted to change the world.

As soon as I could when I was 15 I got my drivers license so I could go to a floristry job interview. Ever since I have been living and working with flowers.

Since a young teenager Floristry has been my one constant throughout my life journey.

Through my successes and through my many challenges, my love for telling stories through flowers has only grown. I believe you really can express a couple or a moment through flowers.

One thing I live for is a challenge. Most of my best work has come from when I have aimed to prove someone wrong or that “YES, I am capable”. I see every flower creation as a challenge and as a story that I can help express.

Every day, every bride and every customer is different. They have their own desire to express their feelings through their flowers and I LOVE helping them with this process.

To my friends I am loyal, I like a good party, I’m a cheeky – wine drinking – hardworking creative and I’m wholeheartedly a loving mother to my three beautiful children.

I’ve owned Ivy Lane for over 5 years now and it is who I am. A way to create, to express and to show others love. Most importantly no special moment whether it be a wedding or a farewell of a treasured loved one will ever be a missed opportunity

Not on my watch.

Steph Xx

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